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Artex Removal

Domestic Artex Removal

Whilst not so popular today, Artex is an interior decorating surface coating used mainly on ceilings and walls to give a depth of texture.

Unless your home was constructed after 2000, it is highly likely that any Artex in your property will contain traces of asbestos.

Is Artex containing asbestos harmful?

Generally speaking, no. The percentage of asbestos in Artex is less than 1%, however, it is often best to conduct an enquiry, especially if the home is at risk from subsidence.

Asbestos is no longer used in the UK construction industry and only becomes a risk once its particles become airborne and breathed in.

Is Artex removal recommended?

The first action to take is to have our expert team carry out a visual inspection of the Artex asbestos and survey the area to check if sampling is required. At this stage we provide you with recommendations to remove or manage the asbestos in Artex.

In most cases your walls, ceiling or plaster coving can simply be re-skimmed or decorated accordingly.

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