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Guttering Removal

Domestic Asbestos Guttering Removal:

The guttering found on older properties can potentially contain asbestos, so removal or remedial measures are recommended should the substance be found.

Asbestos becomes hazardous if the fibres break away (usually when damaged) and as guttering is fragile, compared to other property construction materials, it is highly subject to impairment. This poses the possibility of asbestos contaminating rainwater and anything it comes into contact with.

How To Know If Guttering Contains Traces Of Asbestos:

Our team can quickly determine whether guttering comprises of asbestos, but if your property was constructed mid to late 1900s, there’s a high chance that traces of asbestos will be found.

Our on-site survey, which includes a qualified visual inspection and optional asbestos sampling, will provide conclusive evidence of its presence. Appropriate measures are available to ensure the safe removal and disposal of asbestos guttering or the safe management of restoration projects - this is particularly important if a heritage status is in place or with period properties so that work can be sympathetic.

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