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Asbestos Sampling

Domestic Property Asbestos Sampling

Asbestos is no longer permitted in the UK construction industry but it can still be found in many materials used to build properties prior to the year 2000.

Residential properties are low-risk because asbestos materials are often bonded with other substances within tiles, flooring, wall or ceiling coverings, external roofing, guttering and drainpipes although it's best to contact our team to conduct asbestos testing if you are concerned.

When is asbestos sampling needed?

When asbestos is damaged in some way that it breaks, cracks or is crushed, small fibres can be inhaled, which cause severe illness. Asbestos testing and surveying the environment should be carried out immediately after damage or prior to any form of construction or renovation work.

Our professional asbestos sampling service will provide evidence of the material and any associated risks of the potentially hazardous material.

Use asbestos sampling to safeguard property

Our dedicated team will carry out a comprehensive visual inspection and collect several material samples during an on-site survey.

The survey findings will help our team determine the appropriate action to take based on the results. The asbestos may need to be completely removed, a form of remedial work carried out or, in some cases, the safer option will be to keep the material with protection measures in place.

Contact us for immediate asbestos sampling

Contact the ACM Removal team for an efficient, high quality service. Our highly qualified and certified asbestos contractors will inspect your property and take quarantined samples away for testing if needed.

Following asbestos sampling a speedy quotation will be provided with full recommendations for removal or remedial works.

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