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Bitumen Removal

Domestic Bitumen Removal:

Bitumen is frequently used in commercial construction projects but is lesser known for domestic use. However, if you plan to renovate your home, need to rip up a floor or remove wall tile coverings, you may potentially find Bitumen lurking under the surface.

Where Will Bitumen Be Found In My Home?

Bitumen was used to glue tiles in place and can be found in many homes constructed pre-2000. Whilst harmless, the substance is tacky, hardwearing and tough to remove.

Over time Bitumen can dry and become brittle but if a thick layer has been applied it may still be wet and sticky beneath the surface.

It may be tempting to leave the Bitumen and cover it with a new floor but the application of the tar-like substance is often found to be irregular. As a consequence, flooring, ceilings and walls are left with an uneven surface. Modern adhesives and cleaning chemicals can also react with Bitumen, posing damage to furnishing and restoration materials.

Is Bitumen Removal Dangerous In The Home?

Bitumen isn’t a hazardous substance, except when in liquid form due to its intense heat, but care is required when found as a tile or floor adhesive because it may contain traces of asbestos. Attempting to break up materials, sanding and aggressive removal techniques can crack and damage asbestos.

Our team will conduct an asbestos survey and inspect the materials that need removing. An asbestos sample may be taken to determine the risk prior to removal.

How Will Bitumen Be Removed?

Once the presence of asbestos has been assessed, the most appropriate method of Bitumen removal is determined. This includes techniques such as dry ice blasting (which leaves little debris in the form of dust), machine removal or specialist hand-removal processes.

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