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Downpipe Removal

Domestic Asbestos Downpipe Removal:

The materials used in today’s property construction adhere to stringent health and safety guidelines but many old properties contain traces of asbestos in materials such as roofing, guttering, downpipes, tiling, ceilings and walls.

It’s important that these materials are tested and removed if necessary for safety purposes should any renovation work take place.

How to determine if asbestos downpipe removal is needed:

A visual inspection from our expert team will determine the presence of  asbestos and samples can be quarantined and tested for evidence if required.

Modern housing is free from asbestos but cement bonded asbestos materials were used frequently in domestic rainwater downpipes, gutters, water tanks and insulation boards prior to 2000. Because of rainwater, proximity contamination is likely should old downpipes, tanks or  guttering be damaged.

If this is evident, downpipe removal should be carried out safely and disposed of accordingly by our specialist team.

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Our highly qualified team can put measures in place to safeguard, repair or confiscate asbestos materials within your property – internal or external.

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