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Marley Tile Removal

Domestic Property Marley Tile Removal:

Moving into a new home or investing in a refurbishment makeover is an exciting time but knocking down walls, units, pulling up floors, carpets, ripping off wallpaper and built-in furnishings can uncover traces of asbestos, and the dangers surrounding the substance.

When Can Marley Tile Removal Be A Problem?

Marley Tiles can contain traces of asbestos, and whilst it tends to be less than one percent, handling any material that contains asbestos is to be approached with care.

Providing Marley Tiles are not disturbed or damaged, any asbestos contained within them should remain intact and therefore, non-hazardous. Caution is needed when moving and replacing the tiles because broken, cracked or crumbling asbestos particles do pose a threat to health.

The removal of Marley Tiles can be time consuming and messy due to the Bitumen used to apply the tiles to the floor. Bitumen is extremely difficult to remove with domestic cleaning products and can cause further damage to base concrete.

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